West Bengal Co-operative Service Commission
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More than seven years after the commencement of the WBCS Act,1983, the State Government made Section 38ibidoperative and constituted the Co-operative Service Commission under its Notification No.3948-Coop. dated 21/10/1994.

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The present West Bengal Cooperative Societies Act 2006 along with the West Bengal Cooperative Societies Rules 2011 came into effect on and from the day on 18th January 2011 under G.O No 179-coop/H/2R-1/2006 (PT.) dated 18.1.2011 under subsection 1 of section 94 of the said Act, the government of West Bengal was empowered to constitute a cooperative service commission and appoint the following three persons as the members of the commission for a term of three years.a) One person who has held a post not below the rank of a Special Secretary to the Government of West Bengal to be the chairman of the Commission.b) Two persons from two different apex cooperative societies to be nominated by the State Government....